Capricorn Shirt (source: TeePublic)

Check out this Capricorn sweatshirt I found on TeePublic. I’d order it, but I already have a different Capricorn shirt that I ordered off the same site. This one time, I was wearing my shirt in the Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas when a security guard walked up and gave me a high-five. Obviously, she was a member of our illustrious club.

Anyway, I was just scrolling through my 2020 ephemeris, looking to see what’s happening in the sky in the upcoming year, and I realized that the Mars/Jupiter conjunction on March 20 occurs about three minutes away from the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that occurs on January 12.

I have that point highlighted in my own chart because it is almost the cusp of my fourth house: my IC is 23°52″ Capricorn — barely a degree away.

While I haven’t yet taken the time to consider how these two events will affect me, I do wonder why every astrologer on social media is talking about the first event, but no one is talking about the latter. Of course, a Mars/Jupiter conjunction is far more common than a Saturn/Pluto conjunction, but the fact that it occurs in almost the exact same place is exciting. If you’re an astrologer with clients who have this point emphasized in their horoscopes, you really ought to take a second look at their charts, especially that generation of individuals born in 1989-94 who have the potential to have major planets or even their nodal axis on this exact degree.

That era corresponds almost exactly with the time I was in university, so I can see where I put in the work (Capricorn) to create a foundation (the IC) on which I would continue to build for the rest of my life. But I was in my twenties when all this happened. I’m not even sure to begin how to interpret how the upcoming events will affect the lives of this “Capricorn Generation” who were born the last time the sign was a hotbed of outer planet activity.

It’s something to look at, that’s for sure. Maybe when I’m done my online shopping . . .

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