Divine (source: Pink News)

October 19 is Divine’s birthday.

Everything about Divine screams “typical Libra elegance.”

I’m kidding, of course: quite the opposite is true. But looking at Divine’s natal chart, I can see why he defied the influence of his sun sign so blatantly and so successfully.

The sun is weak in Libra, and unless the sun is well-positioned in the horoscope, an individual who possesses a Libra sun is likely to adopt a personal style akin to their rising sign (the same thing happens to Aquarius natives). Divine’s sun is not only weakly-placed in the twelfth house, but in the sign opposite his fifth-house Aries moon. He has Scorpio ascendant, and both Mars and Pluto (the planets associated with his rising sign) are elevated in his ninth house. Transformative Pluto in showy Leo is just a few degrees away from his Leo midheaven.

It’s an interesting chart for someone who took the art of drag and the blurring of gender roles into places that it had never been before. The fifth house, the twelfth house and the sign of Leo are all areas of the horoscope that I associate with costumes and performance in “Star Struck Style,” so to see the art of drag’s most-enduring icon born with these unique planetary configurations doesn’t surprise me at all. I may have been expecting to see some Pisces influences in Divine’s chart, but with both the sun and Mercury in the twelfth house, this layout lends credence to many of my theories regarding astrology and personal style.

I actually have a filthy story about Divine and a personal encounter he had with a friend of mine back in the eighties when he performed at a local nightclub. Perhaps I’ll share that story another day . . .

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