Bella Hadid (source: Allure)

October 9 is Bella Hadid’s birthday.

I feel bad for Bella Hadid and the kids of her generation. Looking at their natal charts, they are about to enter a very challenging year.

Hadid was born in 1996 at a time when both Jupiter and Neptune were transiting Capricorn, and Uranus was hovering on the cusp of Aquarius at 0° 39″ (it went direct the day after Bella Hadid was born).

In late April of 2020, Pluto will station one minute away from Hadid’s natal Neptune. Saturn will be slowing down, just before its retrograde cycle begins in May, about a degree-and-a-half away from her natal Uranus. It will backtrack right to the spot where Neptune was when she was born, and then when it goes direct, it will form a grand conjunction with Jupiter in December mere minutes away from her natal Uranus.

Of course, these events will happen to anyone born around the same time as Bella Hadid. How they handle this barrage of outer-planet transits will really depend upon the houses in which they occur. With Scorpio as her rising sign, Bella Hadid is going to see this action in her Placidus fifth house. And just before all of this starts to happen, she’s going to experience a Jupiter return in her fourth house.

I can see 2020 being a year of abundance followed shortly thereafter by an inability to adapt to those somewhat fortunate circumstances. I can see problems with sleep emerging, or even a problem with substance abuse rearing its ugly head. I can also see romantic relationships turning bad on a dime, and other unexpected events virtually changing her life overnight.

It’s a lot to consider, and I’ve barely even looked at where the inner planets will be at this time. However, I do know that I wouldn’t want to be in Bella Hadid’s shoes. With my Capricorn sun and IC, I’ve already been going through it over the past few months. I’m a Capricorn, though, and I believe that I’ve weathered this unrelenting storm by remaining grounded. I can’t imagine how someone with an airy sun sign and a twelfth house moon is going to handle the cosmic climate in the upcoming year. She might be blown away.

And she’s not the only one! If you know anyone born around the same time as Bella Hadid, maybe you could cut them a little slack in 2020. They’ve got enough to worry about . . .

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