Jennifer Hudson (source: Napster)

When I get out of bed on Friday morning, the sun will be in my first house.

I’m looking forward to my time in the figurative “spotlight.” The sun behaves in a fairly bold manner in both first-house and fifth-house transits, and considering how laid-back and creatively uninspired I’ve been lately, I could use a cosmic kick in the pants.

However, my turn in the spotlight might turn out a little less like my time to shine, and a little more like the Jennifer Hudson song “Spotlight.” If you’re not familiar with the track, it’s about being stuck in an oppressive situation. With Saturn still hovering over my natal sun, I’m probably not going anywhere soon, no matter how much I would like to start hitting those J-Hud high notes.

Nevertheless, I do feel positive about my future at the moment — better than I’ve felt all year. I revisited the “2019 Horoscopes” category right here on this blog and realized that I pretty much described exactly how I would be feeling at this point in the year. I think I’ve been growing, slowly but surely, putting down roots while I prepare for a more florid future. I’ve been good to myself, and eventually that act should bear fruit.

So, even if I don’t believe that I’ll be basking in the spotlight once the sun begins to shine on me this weekend, I have a feeling that I’m going to be fine. The planets are lining up in my favor after a couple of years where I couldn’t catch a break if my life depended upon it.

The worst part is behind me now.

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