Emma Wiklund (source: Styleby)

September 13 is Emma Wiklund’s birthday.

I have several “favorite” Virgo models. Many of them are the kind of girls who work forever in the business without ever gaining the sort of name recognition of a Linda Evangelista or a Tyra Banks. There’s Guinevere, for example, or Mariacarla. I can already hear some of you saying “Who?”

Emma Wiklund (formerely Emma Sjöberg) is one of my favorite models of the early nineties. Her star turn came in the video for George Michaels’ “Too Funky” where she stole the show from such legends as Linda, Tyra, Estelle and Nadja as both the robot girl and the girl in the motorcycle bustier. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, watch the video and then try to think about anything else but Emma Wiklund in that Thierry Mugler robot outfit. It’s the performance that turned a million boys into drag queens. Seriously, has anyone ever been that fabulous in the history of mankind?

Anyway, I had a look at Emma’s natal chart. There’s nothing remarkable in her horoscope that convinces me that she was born to be a model. However, I don’t have a time of birth to compare it to the charts of other Virgo models, like Twiggy, Claudia Schiffer, Carmen Kass or Coco Rocha. I wish that I did because it would provide me with a launching point so that I could get this discussion off the ground.

Oh well! I figure that if I keep writing this blog long enough, Google is going to start recognizing it as the place for fashion astrology, and then maybe some of these celebrities will get back to me with accurate birth times. I’d be thrilled to discuss these things in greater depth, but I run into a wall consistently because of inaccurate and/or inconsistent data on sites like “Famous Birthdays.” Don’t get me wrong: things are way better than when I started doing this stuff more than twenty years ago. Still, the picky Virgo soul that inhabits my body is compelled to mind the details. Maybe in twenty years from now, I will be recognized as the final word on fashion astrology. For now, I’m just going to keep plugging along.

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