Black Earth (source: Nutri-Lawn)

Today is an interesting day. The moon is smack dab in the middle of Capricorn as I write this, making a harmonious trine to Mars. Soon it will form a conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn, and then it will trine the sun and Mercury. Not long after it will form another conjunction with Pluto, and finally it will trine Venus.

That’s a lot of action in the earth signs. In fact, except for Jupiter and Neptune (which are currently transiting the signs over which they rule), all of the planets are in earth signs, and many of them are forming beneficial aspects.

I’ve spent the last week writing about how bad the current cosmic climate is for me at the moment, but it isn’t bad for everyone. In fact, anyone who needs to ground themselves right now should take advantage of the astrological weather. This is a wonderful time to lay down the foundation for a fertile future, like getting a big load of black earth dumped in your yard. With so many planets in the practical signs of Virgo and Capricorn, the potential is there for you to create a sturdy base on which to grow something of value. The only real problem most of us will face this week is one of unrealistic expectations. In both gardening and in life, learning from your mistakes is of paramount importance. Not every seed you plant germinates under the same circumstances, but eventually you learn how to create the conditions that ensure a greater chance of success.

Things really start to change on the weekend, so take the opportunity to ground yourself while you can. This is a wonderful time to put down roots that will ensure a healthy harvest in the future. Dig in while you can. Everything changes on Saturday.

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