Clare Waight Keller (source: Hello!)

August 19 is Clare Waight Keller’s birthday.

According to both Wikipedia and the website “Famous Birthdays,” today is Clare Waight Keller’s birthday. I consider this information to be correct, and that’s why I discussed the fashion designer in the Leo chapter of “Star Struck Style.” What I find fascinating about her is that she took over for her fellow Leo, Riccardo Tisci, at Givenchy, and that she designed the wedding dress of her fellow Leo, Meghan Markle. I wasn’t really getting Leo vibes from her work as Artistic Director for Chloé, but I was huge fan of the way she ran the brand with one foot in tradition and the other foot in the here-and-now. It was a stellar, memorable run for one of the best designers working in fashion today. Now that she’s gone full-on Leo, my enthusiasm for her work grows with every collection she sends down the runway.

“Famous Birthdays” also has Sarah Burton on today’s list of celebrity birthdays, alongside Clare Waight Keller and Coco Chanel. Some other sources list Burton’s birthday as January 1, but it’s common practice for some auto-generated biographical websites to default to January 1 when a date of birth is not confirmed. People then use that information to create biographies on other websites. For that reason, I’m always suspect of a January 1 birthday — even more suspect than I am when I visit “Famous Birthdays.” As I’ve mentioned a million times before, the site is notoriously unreliable.

I’m going to email a friend of mine who is also a friend of Sarah Burton’s and try to get to the bottom of this. Wouldn’t it be amazing if these three women really did share the same birthday? If they do, I really want to look more deeply into their horoscopes to see if they share anything else interesting, like Mercury or Venus placements.

Stay tuned for more!

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