Missoni Home Ox Cushion (source: artedona.com)

Missoni, my favorite brand in fashion, has a beautiful home line that includes products like these Chinese zodiac throw pillows. If I could afford one, I’d probably buy this “Ox” cushion because I was born on an ox day, during an ox month and in a snake year. To be honest, I’d buy the whole collection if I could. I have four Missoni cushions already. I also have about three-dozen pairs of Missoni socks, a couple Missoni shirts, some Missoni sweatpants, etc.

Anyway, the reason I posted this photo is because longing to own this pillow is going to be my only contact with Chinese astrology for now. I deleted the browser bookmark for the site I read on a daily basis because I’ve been following it for years and I just can’t say that it’s been accurate. I’ve given it plenty of chances to prove itself. Now I’m giving up.

Every time I write about different astrological traditions, I implore whoever is reading my blog to find their own way when using astrology. There are so many different ways to practice the mantic arts, and none of us are qualified to determine which one is going to give someone else the answers they need to hear. We all need to explore our own relationships with spirituality in order to find our own path toward whatever it is we are searching for.

Too many astrologers seem to be too eager to use social media to tell other astrologers what they’re doing wrong. Most of them would benefit by investigating other traditions and giving them a chance before they dismiss them altogether. I may not be done with Chinese astrology, but I believe I am done with the “four pillars” approach that hasn’t predicted anything correctly for me in the past ten years.

Maybe I’ll find another site that doesn’t just teach me how Chinese astrology is supposed to work, but also one with a daily horoscope that seems to accurately reflect what is going on in my life. If anyone has any recommendations for a site to follow, please let me know in the comments section or via my various social media accounts.

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