I just read this post that I wrote two years ago. I stand by everything I said here. The sun might not enter Cancer until June 21 this year, and the new moon is only eleven days away, but otherwise this is all sound advice.

Star Struck Style

CrabCrab (source: Wikipedia Commons)

The sun enters Cancer today. I’m happy about that. I prefer the restrained, cautious nature of Cancer to the flightiness of Gemini. The air signs do have a strong presence in my chart, but I’m a little too grounded to appreciate the sort of airy week we just had. With the sun, Mercury and Venus all transiting Gemini, I was annoyed by the bluster that had accompanied the past month. I want to see more doing and less talking. For instance, the CEO of the company I work for has started to send out inspirational emails to me and my coworkers on a weekly basis. I would rather see him shut the door to his office and not come out until he has a valid plan to put up or shut up. That’s the Cancer spirit.

Cancer usually gets portrayed as the moody, maternal sign…

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