Donald Trump (source: Vanity Fair)

A few weeks back, I published this post where I predicted that Donald Trump was about to do something terrible enough to essentially end his reign of terror. He did. He instructed former White House personnel, including Don McGahn, to not comply with subpoenas issued by Congress in regards to the Mueller Inquiry. That “obstruction in plain sight” was one of the things that brought down Richard Nixon. Yes, it’s happening again. That’s what happens when you elect a crook.

A lot happened yesterday, including the testimony of former White House counsel John Dean and the release of some key evidence to Congress from the Department of Justice. Still, I believe that there is a lot more to come over the next two weeks.

First, Donald Trump’s birthday is on Friday. Born during a full moon, Trump has the sun/moon axis highlighted in his natal chart. Not only that, the moon’s nodes are on nearly the same axis. This Thursday and Friday should prove to be another couple of days of tremendous consequence for Trump. Predicting that he will lash out and do something stupid is like shooting fish in a barrel, and yet I’m going to do it. As I wrote in my previous post, he’s going to feel emboldened by the cosmos.

However, the following Thursday and Friday should be delightfully terrible for the most-corrupt person to ever hold the highest office of the land. Mercury and Mars will conjoin Trump’s natal Saturn for a couple of days. I expect him to say and do something so stupid that it will go down in history as the pivotal moment in his doomed presidency — when the derailed MAGA train rolled down a cliff.

I sure hope that I’m right! I didn’t say anything in my former prediction that made me feel as if I should give up on astrology. I don’t think I’m going to regret clicking “Publish” on this post, either.

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