Cruising (1980)Directed by William Friedkin
Shown: Al Pacino
Al Pacino (source: The Village Voice)

“Something New” is the title of my personal daily horoscope on The aspect refers to Mercury’s ingress into my ninth house.

I’m kind of excited about it. Just a couple of days ago, I published a post about my progressed moon’s upcoming move into the ninth house and the changes I am expecting to occur. I could use a change. The horoscope describes the three-week transit like this:

“This is a good time for any kind of study and education, because you are intellectually eager for knowledge and new experiences. You want to take a larger view of life in order to see how the various parts fit together to make up the whole. Any new and interesting phenomenon from a world outside your own is likely to attract your attention at this time. Subjects relating to foreign places, the law, philosophy or higher knowledge of any kind will engage your attention. It is possible that you may have some dealings with officials connected with the law, although you should not fear this possibility particularly. It is a good time to travel, because your curiosity makes travel very interesting to you. You are also quite open to alternative lifestyles at this time.”

All of that sounds good to me, although the last few sentences about “officials connected with the law” and “alternative lifestyles” immediately made me think about the Al Pacino movie “Cruising.” Yikes!

Anyway, what I would really like to get out of the next few weeks is the feeling like I’m getting somewhere. The glacial pace that accompanies eighth-house transits is starting to annoy me — and I’m a Capricorn who loves to take my time! Right after Mercury makes its move, the sun will also slip into my ninth house. Mars is already there. As mentioned before, my progressed moon shifts into the same sector of my chart in just a few weeks.

So, it’s going to be a ninth-house summer! I’ll take it. I’ve been eager to do “something new” because it feels as if I’ve been cruising for a while now. Maybe it’s time to step on the gas.

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