Kandi Burruss (source: Bravo)

May 17 is Kandi Burruss’ birthday.

I like Kandi a lot. As far as Taurus housewives go, she’s definitely the most accomplished. Many of the Bravo “Housewives” who share her zodiac sign have married into money. Kandi has never needed a man to get ahead. In fact, some people have wondered out loud if Todd Tucker married her for her money. But enough about Mama Joyce . . .

I wasn’t surprised whatsoever to discover that Kandi has both Venus and Jupiter in Taurus alongside her sun, and her natal moon in Capricorn in mutual reception to Saturn in Cancer. It’s not only the chart of someone who is driven, but it is also the chart of someone who is fortunate. Sure, she works hard for her money, but she’s had a lot of cosmic blessings, too.

I don’t have a time of birth for Kandi, but I suspect that she has Aries rising. That would likely put Venus and Jupiter in the second house, Mercury in the third house, Mars in the fifth house and the moon in the tenth house. That all makes a lot of sense to me as she has become wealthy as a singer/songwriter/entrepreneur. I could be wrong, but I’m probably not.

I often warn Taurus natives not to become complicit in the misdeeds of others. If there is one thing that bugs me about Kandi, it is that she can turn a blind eye to the rotten things that people in her inner circle do. As a boss and a businesswoman, I don’t believe her when she shrugs her shoulders and claims that she has no control over people like DonJuan and Mama Joyce. Of course she does!

Nevertheless, I still like Kandi more than anyone else on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Also, I share my birthday with her son, Ace, so I know that she would probably like me, too. We all know that’s how astrology works, right?

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