Love Connie (source: The Advocate)

Love Connie is a Sagittarius!

I suspected as much because a birthday actually comes up when you Google Connie, but Connie herself confirmed her date of birth for me yesterday on Instagram. Then she added me as a friend and liked two-dozen photos of my cats.

Of course, I had to punch up her chart to see what else we have in common besides our fondness for felines and our shared history as a couple of the best high-impact aerobics instructors of our generation. What I discovered is that our natal Mars positions are just a few minutes apart in Aquarius. You know who else has Mars in Aquarius? Jane Fonda!

According to “The Advocate,” Connie has an obsession with Jane Fonda (click the link above to read more). I also have an obsession with Jane Fonda after having a one-on-one encounter with her in real life almost forty years ago. Jane Fonda’s Mercury is conjunct my natal sun to the minute, and I always thought that was sort of weird.

Yet the weirdest coincidence of all between any of us (in my weird opinion) is the striking similarity of my career trajectory with Connie’s own history. In the article above, Connie herself says “No one ever knew what to do with me.” Yeah, tell that to the “world’s foremost expert on fashion astrology.” All the praise in the world doesn’t do me much good if you won’t give me a fucking job, or if you hire someone else to do what I’m doing because you’re too stupid to use the person right in front of you — the one who invented the fucking genre.

But I digress! I’m supposed to be discussing Love Connie. I’m very happy that she is having a moment in the sun. With Jupiter making some very auspicious movements through her natal chart, this should be a very good year for an ingenue like Connie. I hope that the momentum continues well into the future. Toiling away in relative obscurity isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

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