Kris Van Assche (source: The Talks)

May 12 is Kris Van Assche’s birthday.

I pay way more attention to menswear designers lately than I do to womenswear designers. The reason for that is because I am a man who loves beautiful clothes and wants to own all of them.

I suppose that’s why I am quite familiar with the work of Kris Van Assche. I remember his now-defunct signature line well. It was not the sort of thing I would wear because it was just too “Belgian.” My sense of style is a little more “Florentine,” if you know what I mean.

But being a Belgian hasn’t stopped Van Assche from working for the French. He’s fronted Dior Homme in the past, and now he is at the helm of Berluti: LVMH’s crown jewel of menswear.

I like what Van Assche has done at Berluti since he took over the reins, although he can make an athletic guy like me feel as if he is too big to fit into any of the brand’s ready-to-wear clothing. His first order of business at Berluti was to cast a bunch of scrawny teenagers in the ad campaigns.

I had a look at his natal chart to see if anything jumped out at me. He could have a Libra moon or he could have a Scorpio moon — it’s impossible to tell without a time of birth. He does have an exceptionally interesting horoscope, though, with a close conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the south node all in Taurus (about a degree-and-a-half between the three), and Mars conjunct Saturn by mere minutes in Cancer.

I can’t really do anything with that information without a time of birth, but I can imagine how excited any astrologer would be see a chart like this. Both benefics (including Venus in its dignity) conjunct on the nodal axis! Both malefics (including Saturn in its detriment) conjunct, too! It’s a lot to process.

Although I can’t really predict anything in particular for the designer without putting the planets into the houses, I can imagine that all the upcoming outer-planet action in Capricorn directly across from Van Assche’s Mars/Saturn conjunction is going to be a lot to handle in the not-too-distant future.

I wish that I could say more! Kris Van Assche, we need to talk sometime before 2020!

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