Karen Huger (source: Bravo)

May 3 is Karen Huger’s birthday.

I started to write a profile of Karen Huger last year on this day and it quickly devolved into something else altogether: a discussion of complicity. I believe that a Taurus individual can be bought if you keep them comfortable. I discuss the topic in “Star Struck Style” and in many other posts on this blog.

Does that make me like Taurus natives any less? No, not at all! I find comfort in having Taurus friends. In fact, there are very few people in my life whom I enjoy being around more than my Taurus friends.

However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t let them know when they’re being assholes. If I were to befriend Karen Huger from the “Real Housewives of Potomac,” for instance, I would tell her that she looks like a pretentious asshole for wearing a Chanel logo brooch with a Gucci logo belt at the same time in her confessionals for the show. If the camera panned out, it would probably reveal that she is carrying a Fendi logo bag, too.

Karen needs a Capricorn friend like me to point out when she’s being an asshole. Unfortunately, there is not a Capricorn housewife on “RHOP.” I can’t recall if there has been a Taurus/Capricorn combo on any of the “Housewives” shows until just recently when Barbara Kavovit joined “RHONY” as Luann’s friend. Remember, it was Barbara who opined to Carole that Luann was only marrying Tom because she was in too deep to get out of the mess. Barbara was also apparently a part of the intervention that got Luann back to rehab and caused her to miss out on last season’s reunion show.

So, what would I tell Karen Huger if I were her friend (besides the obvious fashion advice)? I would tell her that she is probably going to derive just as much pleasure out of life if she stopped trying to be something that she is not. Being a “Grand Dame” in Potomac is just as ridiculous as being a “Countess” in New York City, but at least Luann has a sense of humor about her place in society. When she actually displays a glimpse of humility and a little vulnerability, Luann is one of my favorite characters on any of the Bravo shows — even if she occasionally lapses into Countess-like behavior or relapses into a drunken mess. Karen Huger can learn something from the “realness” of her NY counterpart.

Or maybe she already has. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” premieres this weekend. I guess that we’ll know soon enough if Karen Huger has acquired any self-awareness over the last few years, or if she’s still pretending to be the “Grand Dame.” I can’t wait to find out!

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