Glitter (source: Plugged In)

While searching today’s celebrity birthdays, I was reminded that three top-billed stars of “Glitter” share something in common: they are all Aries natives.

I make a lot of fuss about “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” because it provides me with a great example of what happens when you put a couple of Aries divas in the same room and turn on a camera. Still, it never occurred to me that “Glitter,” starring Mariah Carey and Max Beesley, has the added bonus of a third-wheel Aries performer: today’s birthday girl, Da Brat.

I haven’t watched “Glitter” for a while, but I really should. It’s almost as good as “Showgirls,” and I take in that cinematic classic practically every time it comes on TV.

Realizing how much more terrible three Aries are than two has me wondering what other creative projects have been ruined by putting too many rams on the marquee. It’s something that I need to investigate . . .

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