Bob Mackie & Cher (source: Harper’s Bazaar)

March 24 is Bob Mackie’s birthday.

Bob Mackie has a fascinating natal chart, although I have to question the time of birth provided on astrotheme.com because it is exactly on the half hour — a typical red flag indicating that it was an approximation.

If I am to believe that he was born at 6:30 AM on the nose, his natal Jupiter is less than 11″ from his Aries ascendant in the first house. This layout puts his natal Venus in Taurus, along with Mars, Saturn and Uranus.

I can buy that because Bob Mackie has long been associated with a couple of Taurus performers: Cher and Carol Burnett. I haven’t done a side–by-side comparison of charts, but I can see some affinity with the pair written in the stars.

However, what I really notice about Bob Mackie’s chart is how he shares so many important cardinal points in his own chart with me. It’s really kind of freaky. I need to punch his information into astro.com and pull up a synastry chart. The designer and I are opposites in so many ways according to our horoscopes. For that reason, I believe it’s weird that I idolize him. If I didn’t know whose chart this was, I would figure that it belonged to my nemesis.

Again, I can’t really trust the time of birth for this chart, but that’s not going to stop me from jumping to conclusions. And maybe Bob Mackie really is my nemesis. Hmm . . .

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