Fog (source: Medium)

For the next couple of weeks, Mercury will be hovering in the sky within a degree of Neptune. The planet is nearing a station before it turns direct on March 28. It doesn’t pull away from Neptune until well into the first week of April.

So, what does that mean? Your thought process may be muddled and a little foggy. It’s interesting to me that I’m writing about this right now because it’s foggy where I live — a genuine rarity in the typically dry climate of the Canadian prairies. I’m also watching MSNBC about yesterday’s filing of the completed Mueller report (which really doesn’t answer anything about the investigation because the report has not yet been made public). The rampant speculation about what the report has concluded is only adding to the confusion, as if the current cosmic weather will not let us see everything we would like to see.

That should be a metaphor for the next two weeks. We won’t know much about anything until the fog clears. On the bright side, a conjunction of these planets can result in the exploration of the deepest reaches of the imagination. Artistic types can delve into their thought processes during this time and come out with something truly special on the other side. Maybe hold off on sharing your ideas until April 5, though, when the new moon in Aries favors the launch of a dynamic, creative project.

Also, psychic energy is considered to be enhanced at this time. I don’t claim to be a psychic, but I don’t dismiss others who believe that they possess a sixth sense. The next two weeks may provide those perceptive individuals a chance to prove themselves.

Whatever happens, don’t be eager to make public declarations stating tired cliches like “it is what it is.” Right now, and for the next two weeks, you might only be seeing what you want to see. Once the fog lifts, nothing will look the same.

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