D’Andra Simmons (source: Bravo)

March 15 is D’Andra Simmons’ birthday.

D’Andra turns fifty today. She’s been making posts about her birthday all week on social media, so I can confirm that the chart I’ve cast is correct. I don’t have a time of birth for the “Real Housewives of Dallas” star to put the planets in the houses, but I can place all of the planets in the signs.

Both the sun and Mercury are in Pisces. Her natal moon is in Aquarius. Venus sits very close to Saturn in Aries. Mars is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is closely conjunct Uranus in Libra. Neptune is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Virgo.

What I gather from her chart at first glance is that she is uniquely emotionally stunted. Individuals with a Pisces sun and Mercury are often emotionally expressive and quite vulnerable. The moon in Aquarius can put up a wall of emotional distance in order to compensate for that innate vulnerability. Venus is weak in Aries, especially in conjunction with Saturn in the sign. Saturn acts like a wet blanket in this instance, causing an individual to struggle with intimacy.

It all makes sense. Watching D’Andra struggle with how to relate to the people in her life with whom she should be close is interesting. Her connections with her so-called friends, her mother and her stepson have all been plot points on the show. You can see that she is emotionally invested in all of the relationships, and yet she pulls herself away from any situation where exposing her own vulnerabilities becomes a possibility.

It makes for fascinating TV, so I can see how she has managed to become the real star of the Dallas “Housewives” in just a couple of seasons. What interests me even more is that she has pulled away from the trio of Gemini housewives (LeeAnne, Stephanie and Cary) in order to become closer to Brandi Redmond, the show’s sole Cancer cast member. The drinking buddies seem to understand each other on a more primal level, which makes sense considering that they both possess watery sun signs.

One of the most interesting things about D’Andra’s chart is that she is about to experience her Chiron return. For a lot of people, that indicates a time where old wounds begin to be regarded as battle scars: something for which you can be proud rather than ashamed. In D’Andra’s chart, that Chiron return almost exactly opposes her natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Over the next couple of years, I expect D’Andra to really come into her own, perhaps through exigent circumstances that she never saw coming.

She’s got a few interesting years ahead of her. If I was Andy Cohen, I’d be extending her contract through 2023!

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