Jaimie Alexander (source: Space)

March 12 is Jaimie Alexander’s birthday.

I’ve written about why I call Pisces “the tattoo sign” plenty of times in the past. The notion of artistic body adornment just seems like a Pisces thing to me, whether I’m talking about tattoos, piercings, or anything else that may appeal to a more “counter-culture” personality. Want to know more? Click the link above and buy my book.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that Jaimie Alexander is a Pisces because she has become a TV star by portraying a woman who is covered in tattoos.

I watched “Blindspot” a few times, but I gave up on the show because I thought it was so preposterous, and not in a good way. The guy who plays the lead on the show, Sullivan Stapleton, also bugs me. I find his one-note performance quite hard to take. Curiously, he shares his birthday with someone else who bugs me: Donald Trump.

But I digress! Jaimie Alexander has a very watery chart, with the sun and Mercury in Pisces, the moon in Cancer, and Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio. I don’t have a time of birth for the actress, so I can’t place the planets in the houses, but I can say that people with watery charts like this often give the impression of toughness, despite their sensitivity. One of the big cliches in astrology that drives me nuts is the overly-sensitive watery personality who breaks into tears when you look at them the wrong way. Sensitivity doesn’t equal weakness. I find that people with Cancer moons (including myself) can give the impression that they are tough as nails.

That doesn’t mean that they are tough as nails; it just means that they are good at retreating back into their shells before you know how they actually feel. Jaimie Alexander also has Venus in Aquarius: a placement which can endow an individual with an emotionally-distant character. She probably doesn’t let a lot of people into her inner world.

There were some cosmic influences involved when she was cast on “Blindspot” because it seems like the perfect role for her. Even though I haven’t watched the show in a couple of years, I did feel as if she was a perfect fit in the role, and now I know why.

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