The Loggia of Cupid and Psyche by Raphael (source: Arthive)

I’ve got a lot going on in my chart right now. This week, Jupiter is within a degree of making an opposition with itself. With the planet hovering around the same degree until mid-April when it goes retrograde, something of consequence should occur in my life. The actual retrograde pass occurs on the last day of April, and the final direct pass occurs in early November. I’m going to keep my eye on this transit because it really should provide me with some context for the year. The last time this happened, I made some major changes in my life that resulted in a pretty good twelve-year run.

I suppose that the worst part of any Jupiter transit is overabundance. I’ve published posts discussing how fat I get when Jupiter is in my first house. When it was in my second house, I became a little too obsessed with possessing things I could not afford. Now that it’s in my third house, perhaps I’m overrating my ability to communicate effectively. Or maybe I’m not! Just the other day, I revisited a few features on my blog and I was thrilled with what I had written.

I’m constantly on the lookout for a better gig — whatever that gig may be. I find myself pitching projects, writing proposals, composing cover letters, etc. that state my qualifications in a concise, straightforward manner. But my efforts have not been generating any interest lately and it makes me wonder how other people interpret my curriculum vitae when it’s right in front of them. Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter might give me some clues about that. There’s a line from a Dolly Parton song that says “Don’t let your mouth overload your capabilities.” Maybe my words make appear as if I am attempting to overload my capabilities. It’s something I need to explore. I know that I can be a bit much. The problem is that I don’t see anything wrong with stating my capabilities or my experience. I’ve got some impressive credentials.

At the same time that Jupiter is closing in on its opposition, Venus is preparing to make a conjunction with itself. That aspect happens at least once every year, but because Venus is personalized in my chart, it does take on added importance. It should make things easy for me. I honestly feel as if nothing is terribly difficult in my life right now, so I don’t know what else to expect from the conjunction. A little stroke of luck wouldn’t hurt, though. I know a lot of people who have been far luckier than me when it comes to their professions (those who “fail upward,” if you know what I mean). It would be nice for me to catch a lucky break when all of these harmonic aspects are occurring in my chart. I haven’t even mentioned the Mars/Saturn trine that is supporting the Uranus/Pluto conjunction that defines many people born around the same time as me, but that’s a post for another day.

So, I’m going to start this week off with a hopeful attitude because I believe that things are about to get better for me. My lucky stars look pretty lucky at the moment.

Stay tuned . . .

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