Kenzo Takada (source: WWD)

February 27 is Kenzo Takada’s birthday.

Kenzo Takada hasn’t been working for his namesake label for twenty years, but his name has never been more recognizable. For that reason, I went looking for something in his natal chart that might indicate endurance.

The first thing I noticed was a very close conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces, the same sign that houses his natal sun. The next thing I noticed was a near-exact trine between Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Virgo.

I’m not sure if either of those aspects indicate a character whose fame would endure for generations. Of those placements, Venus in Capricorn would be the first place I would look, but I guess I expected something like a trine to Saturn to support it. Saturn, in fact, forms a trine to Mars with both planets in fire signs.

I’m going to take some time to explore this chart a little further and hopefully get back to it some day (maybe next year on Kenzo’s birthday if not sooner). I’m not only interested in exploring the creativity of this legendary designer and the fact that his name has endured in fashion for decades after he left the fashion world behind, but I’m also interested to discover something that would explain why he looks so good for his age. The guy just turned eighty. Look at him. Look at him!

So, excuse me while I seek another diversion . . .

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