Alaska (source: TimeOut)

Look! I’ve finally made it to the end of this series I started so many months ago. I should be applauded for my dedication and my never-give-up attitude.

You know who else has a never-give-up attitude? Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. Is that something I would expect from a Pisces native? Not in the least?

So, then why have so many Pisces natives done so well on “Drag Race”? The very first finale in RPDR history featured two Pisces natives: BeBe Zahara Benet and Nina Flowers. Another Pisces native, Chad Michaels, won the very first “All Stars” season, as well. One of the first queens in franchise history to share the crown, Monét X Change is probably a Pisces, too (she was born on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp and just a week ago was speculating about her own zodiac sign on Twitter).

That might make it seem as if Pisces is pioneering sign. It normally isn’t, but the art of drag is a Pisces thing. Blurring the lines between gender is something I discuss in the Pisces chapters of both of my books. Blurring the lines between good taste and bad taste also is a Pisces thing. Making the rest of us reconsider everything that we’ve ever believed is a Pisces thing, too. Never mind the inherent “fishiness” of drag, the idea of never really being one thing or the other is a hallmark Pisces trait.

And that brings me to Alaska. Gawd, I love Alaska! I was torn when she was left standing alongside Katya at the “All Stars 2” finale because I adore Katya, too, but I believe that Alaska deserved the crown (even after she tried to bribe her cast mates to keep her in the competition). That’s a Pisces for you — always reinventing the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

On the whole (that’s an anus joke just in case Alaska ever reads this), Pisces individuals are sensitive, artistic, occasionally scatterbrained, self-pitying, suggestible, susceptible to addiction, dreamy, romantic and prone to escapism. I’m going to escape to Las Vegas in a few days with a couple of Pisces friends who never do anything much to bother me. With all my cardinal-sign energy, something about their easygoing nature puts me at ease. They are the perfect people to be around when you need to take your mind off of your troubles. And maybe that’s why they’ve done so well on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Over the past decade, the show itself has become my other place to escape when I can’t physically get away. I suppose that makes it a Pisces show. I suppose that’s also why I dream of RuPaul making my astrological-style shtick into a Season 12 challenge. I’d give up on that dream if it wasn’t for Alaska’s inspiration: she tried out for the show every season until she was finally cast in Season 5. Sometimes you have to follow your dreams, even when they start to make you look crazy.

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