Model at Victoria's Secret show
Frankie Rayder (source: Supermodel Pictures)

January 26 is Frankie Rayder’s birthday.

The names of Aquarius models don’t just pop into my head like they do with Capricorn models, or Scorpio models, or any other models. I know a few that I can rattle off quite easily, though: Meghan Collison; Sasha Pivovarova; Frankie Rayder.

What’s weird is that those three all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Steven Meisel. He’s a Gemini, like many of the greatest behind-the-scenes talents in the fashion business. Still, he obviously has an affinity with Aquarius models when I notice a pattern in his behavior when I wasn’t really looking for one.

That’s something I need to look into. Maybe there are more Aquarius models who owe their careers to Steven Meisel. I know that he has worked with Amber Valletta. I should see if he’s worked with Doutzen Kroes or Lily Donaldson.

It might look like I’m reaching to find a connection, but often these things just fall into my lap and I’m able to make the connection.

By the time Steven Meisel’s birthday arrives in June, I should have figured this all out . . .

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