Jacquemus (source: Scoopnest)

January 16 is Simon Porte Jacquemus’ birthday.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that Simon Porte Jacquemus is a Capricorn. It’s more surprising when I learn that someone who is talented and good-looking doesn’t share my sun sign. I know, right?

Jacquemus (as he is known because of his eponymous fashion brand) was born while the 1990 Capricorn stellium was in full-effect. In order, he has Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and the sun in the sign. If he was born in the last few hours of the day, he also has Venus in the sign as it made a retrograde move back into Capricorn on his birthday.

The final degree of Capricorn and the first degree of Aquarius are highlighted in the sky at the moment. The lunar eclipse later this week is happening right there. What’s more important, though, is that degree is where the Jupiter/Saturn synod will occur in 2020.

With all this action on his natal Venus and the numerous conjunctions formed as three planetary heavyweights (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) transit Capricorn next year, he’s got a big year ahead of him.

I wish that I had a time of birth to put this all into context. His Saturn return might not be that rough if he’s got these planets in a house that indicates he can handle the pressure. Otherwise, I sort of worry about burn-out or other problems for the twenty-nine year old designer. Capricorns who succeed at an early age can trip and fall to rock bottom just as easily as they made it to the top of the mountain. They’ve got a knack for dusting themselves off and climbing back up the slope, but sometimes the fall can injure them far more seriously than they let on.

There is about a fifty-fifty chance that Jacquemus has a Virgo moon. If he was born in the second half of the day, his natal moon is in Libra. The Virgo moon is a little more vulnerable and neurotic. For his own sake, I hope that he has a Libra moon because I believe that he would deal better with stress by possessing that sun/moon combo. That’s my sun/rising combo, and I turn to yoga when I’m stressed out instead of prescription drugs — you know what I mean?

Anyway, this is one of those charts that makes my eyes bug out because I know that I could learn a lot from studying it. Unfortunately, without an accurate time of birth, I feel as if my hands are tied behind my back.

Drop me a line, Simon. We have things we need to discuss!

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  1. Oooh, my birthday is 2 days later, on 18th January 1990. We have pretty much everything in common with this amazing designer. I adore his work ❤ Let's see what 2020 will bring for people with this massive cap stellium! I am so excited!


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