Maggie Rizer (source: maggierizer.com)

January 9 is Maggie Rizer’s birthday.

While the sun is in Capricorn, I spend most of my time on this blog comparing myself to the numerous celebrities who share my zodiac sign. Mostly, I discuss all the wonderful things that make us so gorgeous, fit and intelligent (and modest — I can’t forget modest). Sometimes, however, I see that I share something with someone that isn’t so wonderful.

Maggie Rizer shares my Mercury in Sagittarius/Jupiter in Gemini configuration. I’ve read how that opposition can make an individual bad with money, overly optimistic and sort of gullible. Until a moment ago, I had no idea that Maggie Rizer had been ripped off so badly by her stepfather when he managed her business affairs while she was raking in the bucks as one of the most famous models in the world. He went to jail for it.

I have those planets in mutual reception in the respective houses that they rule. That mitigates the opposition, bringing them together as if they were conjunct. I don’t know Maggie Rizer’s time of birth, so I can’t place the planets in the houses in her horoscope.

I would be interested to know exactly where they land because this Mercury/Jupiter aspect is a hallmark of my natal chart. It’s prominent in Maggie Rizer’s chart, too, but other factors likely dominate. She also has her natal moon in Capricorn (mine is in the opposite sign). I can see how she allowed her stepfather to take advantage of her success. That combination typically results in a kid who listens to his or her parents. They might be headstrong in many respects, but they usually “respect” the hierarchy, their parents and the wisdom that supposedly comes with age.

Nowadays, Maggie Rizer is taking care of her four kids and making the occasional surprise appearance as a model in both campaigns and runway shows. I get excited every time I see her because I really loved her in her heyday. Her contemporary, Nadja Auermann, appeared on the Moschino catwalk yesterday in Rome. Maybe Maggie Rizer has a few more surprises in store for us in the upcoming shows.

I can dream, can’t I?

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