Kristen McMenamy by Peter Lindbergh (source: Strip-Project)

December 13 is Kristen McMenamy’s birthday.

I remember Kristen McMenamy from back in the mid-eighties. Curiously, she had two really big jobs before her career went on sort of hiatus, a few years before she became a star in the early nineties. One was a gig with Chanel, and the other one was this campaign for Jil Sander.

Until just a moment ago, I didn’t realize that this was a photo of a Sagittarius model in the clothing of a Sagittarius designer captured on film by a Sagittarius photographer. What interests me even more is that I’m always using the opposite version of the phrase “they can’t see the forest for the trees” to describe the way that typical Sagittarius natives will focus on the forest as whole rather than seeing it as the sum of its parts.

In that respect, this image is quite iconic. It’s like a tarot card, rich in symbolism, describing so much about the sign of Sagittarius. Just yesterday, I published a post encouraging everyone to focus on what’s right in front of them rather than adopting a longer view while a few planets transit Sagittarius. It is the “big picture” sign. Individuals born with the sun in Sagittarius often fix their gaze off into the distance. It’s easy to get lost in the expanse right above the model’s head in this photo because of they way that it is cropped. Just toggle the image up and down to see what I mean. There’s so much more to explore in the great beyond.

Anyway, I’m glad I stumbled across this image. It speaks to me. I should try to compile a more comprehensive collection of photos that speak of the other signs. I’ve tried to do that before, but I was probably distracted by something off in the distance. My natal Mercury is in Sagittarius — enough said!

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