One Way Sign (source: Home Depot)

There’s almost always something in the rear-view mirror in astrology. We astrologers are constantly telling you all to look back before you put the pedal to the metal. Often, that advice is inspired by the retrograde motion of the planets. For instance, when the sky seemed sort of “stuck” over this past summer, with plenty of planetary retrograde phases occurring simultaneously, my advice to you was to slow down in order to reconsider the route you were about to take.

That cosmic traffic jam is finally coming to an end. Mercury’s retrograde ends today, and Chiron’s retrograde ends on Sunday. That leaves only Uranus in a retrograde phase which it will exit from a month from today.

So, what does all that mean? It does signify a freer flow of things in general as 2019 begins. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all in the signs they rule, restoring direction to our lives as things work out as planned. It’s quite a cosmic shift from the past couple of years.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone will experience the same fate. Nevertheless, we should see some genuine progress moving forward. We’re going to start feeling as we’re getting somewhere in the new year. The next big slowdown doesn’t happen until April, and by then we should have logged a few miles onto our collective journey. Most of us should be in a much better place.

I’m optimistic about the next few months. I don’t necessarily view planetary retrogrades as good or bad, but I do understand how the planetary pile-up of 2018 has affected our collective consciousness. I believe that we’re all eager to get moving down the road again.

Soon . . .

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