Blue Moon (source: Walgreens)

I discovered something exciting today. The upcoming new moon on Friday will be the second new moon to occur in my second house in a row. That’s kind of like having my own blue moon: an event so uncommon that it has become synonymous with the notion of rarity itself.

So, should I get drunk to celebrate? Of course I should! I’m going to buy myself a case of beer or a couple bottles of wine and enjoy myself this weekend.

Besides that, though, I need to keep working on what I resolved to do when the first of these two new moons occurred in my second house in November. I started a budget, telling myself that I needed to stop buying things that I really didn’t need. I’m kind of a clothes horse and I regularly add to my extensive wardrobe on a whim. Surprisingly, I made it through the whole Black Friday weekend without buying anything.

That probably doesn’t sound like such a wonderful accomplishment, but for me it was a new beginning — exactly what the new moon should signify. A second new moon in my second house should signify the same, or even reinforce my will to succeed at this venture.

It is not as if I don’t have money to spend. I’m actually feeling okay about my debt load after reading that the average millennial carries a whopping personal debt that is far greater than what I’ve got lingering on my credit cards. I’m also feeling pretty good about the way I look and how I stand out in a crowd as a result of both my personal style and my physical fitness. I see people schlepping around in their Moncler jackets and Gucci belts, looking as if they believe that they are setting the trends, and to me they just look like living billboards for the brands they favor.

The second house rules over possessions. What’s interesting at the moment, though, is that I’m feeling as if my most valuable possession is me, myself and I — not what I own. It’s kind of a revolution in the way that I think, and maybe what I should be feeling with all the good things that are currently happening in my horoscope. This second new moon in my second house should provide me with a chance to augment what I’ve already experienced. Instead of allowing me the opportunity to correct my course (as one often does when a new moon arrives), the universe seems to be showing me that I’m on the right path.

It’s nice to feel like the planets are on your side. It’s like I’m already drunk!

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