29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 12 Apr 2018
Britney Spears (source: Variety)

December 2 is Britney Spears’ birthday.

I love to discover that I have something in common with many of the celebrities I profile on this blog. And then there is Britney Spears . . .

Okay, it’s not that bad! We share a Libra ascendant (if her time of birth is listed correctly on astrotheme.com). We also share Mercury in Sagittarius. Otherwise, there’s not much else there. She has an airy Aquarius moon. I have a watery Cancer moon. She has Mars in Virgo. I have Mars in Aquarius. In fact, most of our natal planets are in rather awkward placements to one another. We’re born just far enough apart to really be in a different generation astrologically.

I see that sometimes when I’m looking up “generational” aspects in natal charts. The people I grew up with have the Uranus/Pluto conjunction (in opposition to Chiron) punctuating their natal charts. People born in the late eighties have a Capricorn stellium that sticks out like a sore thumb. Kids born in 2001 have a startling Taurus stellium that has probably been playing out in their charts recently with all the action we’ve seen in Scorpio, the opposing sign.

What I noticed about Britney’s chart (and the charts of her peers) is that her natal Saturn is currently squared by Pluto as it sort of hovers in Capricorn — it’s so slow moving! I wonder how many people her age are having a tough time with that aspect. I can see it being inhibitive, especially to people who thrive on a faster pace. What’s worse is that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 is going to square the natal Pluto position of the same generation (right on top of Britney’s natal Venus, too). These kids might be in for some trouble.

I don’t really look at planets as “benefics” or “malefics.” Nevertheless, people with fiery charts who need things to move quickly in their lives find the energy of planets like Saturn and Pluto to be smothering. I think it’s going to be tough to be a Sagittarius native in 2020, especially a Sagittarius who was born in 1981.

Sorry, Britney.

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