Sharon Needles (source: Billboard)

November 28 is Sharon Needles’ birthday.

A few months ago, I posted an entry adding Shangela to my “Drag Race Zodiac Dream Team” as the Sagittarius entry. Of course, I knew that Sharon Needles was also a Sagittarius, but I didn’t pick her for a very specific reason: she doesn’t really strike me as a typical example of Sagittarius qualities.

Looking at her chart, I can’t really make any conclusions about why I don’t get Sagittarius vibes from the star: one of my “Drag Race” favorites. The reason for that is all the planets she has straddling sign cusps. Without a time of birth, I can’t place her moon or Mercury. Jupiter is even 19″ away from a cusp. Forget not being able to put the planets in the houses — I can’t even put the planets into signs!

Anyway, I’m still a huge fan of Sharon Needles. I’m just about to begin watching Season 4 of “Drag Race” on Netflix now that it’s finally been added to the site. I’m even going to watch the video for “666” that I linked above because I’m sure that it is a thinly-veiled tribute to me because my birthday is the sixth day of ‘sixty-six. Thanks, Sharon!

If anyone out there stumbles across this post and can provide me with an accurate time of birth for Sharon Needles, I would really appreciate it. It’s much more fun to discuss a celebrity when I’m not just making things up.

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