Rianne Ten Haken (source: Into the Gloss)

November 27 is Rianne Ten Haken’s birthday.

For as much complaining as I do about the inaccuracy of, I still return to the site time and time again. Today, while I was perusing the site, I learned that today is Rianne Ten Haken’s birthday.

Of course, my next move was to confirm the model’s date of birth. I Googled her name and her Wikipedia profile popped up. The date of birth listed matched with the one I had just read on the other site. Usually, that’s enough for me to start writing a profile of a celebrity. However, I’ve had two instances in the last month where I’ve come across incorrect birth dates listed on Wikipedia. Both Crystal Waters and Hannelore Knuts mentioned their birthdays on their own Instagram accounts, contradicting their Wikipedia bios.

Crystal Waters and I had a brief exchange on Instagram and her Wikipedia page was corrected soon afterward. Now I know that she’s a Scorpio and not a Libra. Hannelore Knuts didn’t get back to me, but at least all the times I’ve written about her being the epitome of Scorpio style were not in vain because she still is a Scorpio. Her birth date on Wikipedia is just a couple of weeks off.

Rianne Ten Haken, on the other hand, is definitely a Sagittarius. I was able to triple-check her birth date by using Famous Birthdays, Wikipedia and by visiting her Instagram account where she posted about her own birthday. In this very unusual instance, however, has a natal chart in their database that lists May 7 as the model’s birthday. My typical go-to for accurate information is wrong this time!

I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve had to eat my own words on this blog because of the amount of incorrect information floating around in cyberspace. It’s been a constant thorn in my side ever since I began writing about astrology. Every day it gets a little better because of the amount of people out there ready and willing to edit inaccurate online sources, but it’s still a problem.

Anyway, I’m going to email and let them know that they have a bad birthday for Rianne Ten Haken. Maybe next year, I’ll get around to discussing her chart. I’m kind of excited to learn a little more about her because I just learned that she’s also a yoga instructor. I’m sort of a yoga freak, too. We have so much in common besides our good looks . . .

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