Kanye & Kim (source: Vanity Fair)

October 21 is Kim Kardashian’s birthday.

This is going to seem completely out of character for me, but I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian at the moment. I know, right?

Kim K. has a third-house moon at 28°09″ Pisces nearly conjunct her IC by just a few minutes. Chiron passed over that spot in March before it went retrograde. In a couple of weeks, it’s going to be there again.

Her natal moon is an odd outlier in her chart: practically everything else sits in a roughly 90° wedge from Virgo through Sagittarius. In addition, she also has a lot of natal planets that have been experiencing the effects of Jupiter’s recent transits. Jupiter is personalized in her chart as the ruler of her Sagittarius ascendant.

I can see her feeling simultaneously empowered to do something about her current situation for the sake of her home and family, yet reluctant to move forward because of compassion for her husband’s mental health. I believe that Kanye is mentally ill.

Regardless of what I believe, between Chiron’s upcoming retrograde pass over Kim’s natal moon and Jupiter’s transit through her twelfth house (where it will soon make a conjunction with Mars), I don’t predict that this marriage will last through 2019. You can only do so much for people who refuse to help themselves. I also looked at Kanye’s chart and I don’t see him getting the help he needs.

Again, I feel sorry for her. I don’t believe that there will be a fairy-tale ending for this situation.

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