Beyoncé (source: Insider)

September 4 is Beyoncé’s birthday.

I like Beyoncé. I’m not one of those fans who believes that she’s the greatest artist who ever lived, but I like her.

Her time of birth on astro.com is listed as 10:00 AM on the nose. That’s usually a red flag that someone has estimated the birth time. However, there are people who are born on the hour just like there are people born during every other minute of the day. I believe Beyoncé’s time of birth is accurate because her Venus in Libra is nearly exactly conjunct her Libra ascendant from the twelfth house. For someone who is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, that makes sense. What also makes sense is that Beyoncé shares my rising sign. I am also a legendary beauty.

But I digress! Last week I posted about having a good few months ahead of me during Venus’ upcoming retrograde cycle which will occur entirely within my first house. Beyoncé will be entering a very similar cycle. She’s got some good things going on her chart throughout 2019, as well. I can see her having a breakthrough with something else in her career. Artistry is involved, but it will be different than what she is doing at the moment. The potential for greater success is there. I’m not saying that she didn’t already achieve greater success when she appeared in “Dreamgirls,” but it wasn’t like “The Bodyguard,” for instance. Whitney Houston parlayed her appearance in that film into the most-impressive achievement of her career: “I Will Always Love You” became the best-selling single by a woman in the history of recorded music.

I can see something like that in Beyoncé’s immediate future. Hopefully, she’s going to live up to the potential of her chart in the very near future.

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