Lady Bunny (source: Attitude)

August 14 is Lady Bunny’s birthday.

Of course Lady Bunny is a Leo! In my latest book, “Star Struck Style,” I mention that I didn’t even realize that Leo legend Whitney Houston wore wigs until someone pointed it out to me back in the day. What does a white boy from Canada know about wigs and fake hair? I came of age in the early eighties when the whole point of having hair was to see how big you could make it without resorting to the use of wigs or extensions.

So, when it actually occurred to me that women had been wearing fake hair for generations, everything made sense. All those beehives from the sixties weren’t real? Get out of here!

That probably sounds incredibly naive, but I’m not the only person who needed to be educated on the use of wigs. Chris Rock even made a movie about the subject in 2009 — twenty-five years after I figured everything out on my own! “Good Hair” may have been about black women, but it explained a lot to people who had never bothered to think about what women do to achieve their ‘dos.

Anyway, once I was educated on wigs, I started to appreciate them for their comic value. I thought that they were hilarious. I used to look at old wig catalogues with twenty-something models wearing wigs that were being sold to eighty-something women and laugh hysterically. I thought that there was nothing funnier than celebrity wig-line advertisements featuring D-list starlets modeling cheap, synthetic wigs to old ladies who wanted something “windswept” to cover up their crow’s feet. I don’t really know why I find them so funny, but I do. They make me laugh. My Instagram bio even describes me as “an aspiring wig model.”

So, I shouldn’t be surprised that the drag queen who has made her larger-than-life wigs her shtick was born under the wig sign. I wish that someone had asked me to guess her zodiac sign because I would have shouted out “LEO!” What else could she be with all that crap on her head?

Every day I learn more about my craft . . .

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