Koala (source: abc.net.au)

Here’s a cute photo I found of a koala who got his head stuck in a fence last month. He’s okay now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that many of you feel stuck at this very moment.

This is a slow month in the sky. Mercury is going to be hovering around the same degree for the next week or so as it prepares to go direct. Mars only moves about a degree over the next four weeks as it completes its retrograde cycle. In fact, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all kind of stuck in the sky right now.

At the same time, the sun is in Leo. Leo may be a fixed sign, but it is also a fire sign, inspiring our passion and creativity. Nevertheless, we may feel as if we aren’t getting anywhere lately, no matter what we do. It’s like the pilot light is on but the furnace won’t start.

So, what are we supposed to do? I recommend that we all try to take it easy for a couple of weeks. That shouldn’t be tough to do because it’s August and many people have already booked vacations for this time of year. But if any of these stationary planets are sitting in bad places in your chart, urging you to take action when you really should be sitting on the sidelines, I probably can’t stop you from succumbing to your urges. But be warned: whatever you start now won’t be finished for weeks.

My advice is to avoid sticking your neck out if you don’t want to get caught somewhere you don’t belong. Mind your own business for now. Things will be back to normal soon enough.

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