Giorgio Armani.jpg
Giorgio Armani (source: Vogue)

July 11 is Giorgio Armani’s birthday.

Of all the designers I discuss in “Star Struck Style,” no one fits the profile of their zodiac sign better than Giorgio Armani. But of course he does: he has a Cancer sun and Cancer moon. Not only that, his natal Mercury is about half-a-degree away from his sun, and even Pluto occupies the same sign.

He’s a Cancer’s Cancer, and his aesthetic perfectly describes signature Cancer style. He’s also a grown-up, which makes him an even better representative of the most mature sign of the zodiac.

I sometimes feel a little lost when I try to describe Cancer style to kids because they just don’t get it. The funny thing is that I have a Cancer niece who loves fashion, but I don’t believe that she really gets what I do because of her age (you can’t expect a kid to pick up a book in this day and age). She turns twenty-two this week. Little does she know, she is gradually morphing into the Cancer woman I describe in both of my books. She wears mostly black and white, and she mixes it up with some gray and soft pink. Her signature color palette has become exactly what I told her it would be when I wrote my first book almost twenty years ago.

Kids! I know, right? Frankly, I’d rather have a hundred friends as old as Giorgio Armani than a couple as young as my niece because I truly appreciate the perspective that age brings. I also share my Cancer moon with Mr. Armani, and maybe that’s why I feel as we’re cut from the same cloth. I hope to be just as energetic and creative as the designer when I’m eighty-four, too.

I think I will be . . .

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