Dumb and Dumber (source: BuzzFeed)

Mercury opposes Pluto early tomorrow morning (or maybe late this evening, depending upon where you live).

Mercury is currently in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn. Cancer is a defensive sign and Capricorn is a place where planets tend to go to exercise dominance over other planets. It can make this aspect uncomfortable and unpleasant for those who can’t keep their thoughts to themselves. Words may be used to assert dominance or inflict pain during this brief transit, especially by people who feel as if they have something to defend. The big problem is that the defenders are probably the ones who needed to be shushed in the first place.

It will be easy to play a “poor me” game while this transit occurs. But unless you truly are the aggrieved party, it will be better to keep your thoughts to yourself. Someone out there will be ready to rip you to shreds if your game is to seek sympathy for situations you have created. A reality check may be in your stars, so don’t go begging for pity when you don’t deserve any. What you get back from the universe is going to be exactly what you have given.

I know, I know — I do spend a lot of time on this blog telling people to shut up. Maybe if you would take my advice just this once . . .

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