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I didn’t blog yesterday. I woke up with a cold. Just the day before, my Facebook Memories reminded me that I was sick last year at the same time. That was the flu, though, so I should consider myself lucky. This little virus is nothing now that I’m medicated.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how those Facebook reminders often surprise me by making me realize that my state of mind is sometimes as reliable as the calendar itself. I also saw a reminder of a blog post I had written about the sun’s ingress into Cancer. Here’s what it said:

The sun enters Cancer today. I’m happy about that. I prefer the restrained, cautious nature of Cancer to the flightiness of Gemini. The air signs do have a strong presence in my chart, but I’m a little too grounded to appreciate the sort of airy week we just had. With the sun, Mercury and Venus all transiting Gemini, I was annoyed by the bluster that had accompanied the past month. I want to see more doing and less talking. For instance, the CEO of the company I work for has started to send out inspirational emails to me and my coworkers on a weekly basis. I would rather see him shut the door to his office and not come out until he has a valid plan to put up or shut up. That’s the Cancer spirit.

“Annoyed by the bluster,” huh? That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I just want everyone to shut up and to think about what they are about to say. The shitshow of American politics has been especially annoying this past week. Hopefully, now that the sun has moved into Cancer, we’re moving into a period where caution is the order of the day.

On the other hand, Cancer is the sign that rules over the breasts. Maybe we should all just spend the next month watching old Russ Meyer movies, entering wet T-shirt contests and jumping on trampolines in tube tops.

You know, sometimes I don’t even know where this stuff comes from. I’m so good at this astrology thing! Or maybe that’s the cold medication talking . . .

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