Kristen Stewart (source: World of Wonder)

Here’s a fun photo of Kristen Stewart giving up on her high heels at a red-carpet event in Cannes. It makes a great illustration for this post because I’m going to discuss what it means for fashion now that Uranus has moved from Aries to Taurus.

Kristen Stewart is an Aries. I discuss her frequently as an icon of Aries style because she isn’t the girliest girl, and yet she plays the fashion game better than almost anyone else in show business without giving up her individuality. But is that going to continue to happen now that Uranus has moved into a different sign? Maybe not.

Uranus does have an effect over the larger trends in fashion. With Uranus in Aries, we saw the Athleisure trend take over. The women who learned to contour their cheekbones and put on false eyelashes during Uranus’ transit through Pisces were pairing their Instagram-ready looks with yoga pants and Yeezy trainers. And when they weren’t doing that, they were beating us over the head with their cooler-than-thou Gucci. It was a juvenile approach to style.

I don’t expect fashion to get a lot more formal with Uranus in Taurus, but I do expect it to get a little more comfortable without becoming dressed-down. I believe labels like Levi’s and The Gap will begin to thrive again. Things like five-pocket jeans, khakis and cargo pants will become appealing to a generation that starts to understand that not every pair of thighs looks its best in nylon or spandex. Taurus is a sensible sign, and not a sign where “fake” does well. Fake Taurus women have been the laughingstocks of fashion for as long as I’ve been studying this stuff. I won’t mention any names . . .

Anyway, the last time Uranus transited an earth sign, we saw the birth of Grunge and the backlash against over-the-top fashion that inspired the minimalism of designers like Calvin Klein and Jil Sander. It was more of a commercial backlash. With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, I’m expecting a similar sentiment to prevail, but with relaxed Taurus vibe that isn’t so political.

Of course, seven years is a lifetime in the world of fashion, so what we see as Uranus enters Taurus probably will be a lot different than what we see when it leaves Taurus in 2026. But I will predict that there is an entire generation of girls ready to turn their backs on the stupidity of fashion just like Kristen Stewart in the photo above. Retailers would be wise to rethink their strategies to become more like Lululemon and Gucci. Maybe it’s time to emulate Calvin Klein Jeans in the nineties instead.

It’s a new era in fashion.

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    This prediction I made three years ago seems especially prescient now that Levi’s is absolutely killing it in the marketplace. Still, the part where I mention that 2026 will be a lot different is what really sticks with me.


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