The Parents (source: Yahoo!)

April 23 is the birthday of the yet-unnamed royal baby.

He arrived just a few hours ago at 11:01 GMT. That gives him a Taurus sun, a Leo moon, and Cancer rising. The moon is also in his first house.

His dad is a Cancer with a Cancer moon and his mother is a Capricorn with a Cancer moon. The Cancer rising with a strong, first-house moon should give the kid a Cancer-like presence. A Leo moon could impart grace, but it could also impart some emotional selfishness. He’s got Chiron almost conjunct his midheaven from the ninth house, though, so I believe he’s going to be a nice guy. He has Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the sixth house, too. He might be a handful when he is a young man (like his Uncle Harry), but I see compassion and humanitarianism in his chart. I also see a buoyant personality and the ability to appeal to the public. Venus is in the eleventh house, so I suspect that he might not marry until he’s older, or perhaps not at all. His north node is in the first house, as well, which should probably set him off on this path of public service as a matter of fate. He was born to do good in the world.

The rest of the royal family better watch out! I believe that he’s going to be everyone’s favorite.

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