Viva Las Vegas (source: countryrebel.com)

Something weird happened today.

I got an ancestry.com kit as a Christmas present. A few weeks ago, I spit into the tube and sent it off to Ireland to be tested. Of course, I was expecting to get back the results soon. I got them this morning. I discovered that I’m 10% Scandinavian and much less Western European than I believed I was. I’m mostly Eastern European, with some English and the aforementioned Nordic heritage thrown in.

So, why is that weird? Why am I writing about it on this astrology blog? While I was still in bed this morning, Chiron entered my sixth house. That’s likely a twice-in-a-lifetime aspect for me. It happened when I was an infant, and it probably won’t happen again unless I make it past the century mark.

I don’t know if Chiron has any association with an individual’s roots, but I only remember one incident like this occurring in my entire life. Back when I had first started to get into astrology, I would buy these coil-bound Llewellyn daily planners. Before we had the luxury of computers to do the work for us, that’s how most of us kept up with planetary movements.

I knew that Uranus was about to enter my fourth house (I use the Placidus house system). I realized the importance of the ingress, but I didn’t put a ton of thought into it. Yet, on the exact day that it happened, I was reading an article in “Details” magazine about computer hacking. The hacker profiled in the magazine had the exact same name as my father: Walter Polkosnik. It was so bizarre!

I did a little research and discovered that this guy was a college student living in New York. We were able to figure out that his family came to America via Argentina after leaving Eastern Europe. My father’s family came to Canada from Europe. Our great grandfathers (or maybe our grandfathers) were brothers, making us distant relatives.

While I was looking for that guy, I actually came across some other Canadians who shared my surname living in Ontario — another branch of my family tree. I actually phoned one of them and we figured out that we were cousins: our grandfathers were definitely brothers.

How strange was it for me to be surprised with this news on the one day when Uranus, the planet of surprises, moved into my fourth house. the part of the chart that rules over one’s roots? How strange was it that my ancestry.com kit results arrived on the exact day of another outer-planet ingress into a different house of my chart?

I’m sort of flabbergasted. I need to look into this and see if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them. Why Chiron? Why the sixth house?

In the meantime, I’m just going to be thankful that it’s possible that I share a small part of my genetic stock with Ann-Margret. Maybe we’re distant cousins, too. I’m already a Capricorn, like Elvis. Perhaps this explains why I can’t turn away when “Viva Las Vegas” comes on television. It’s like I’m watching my spirit animals performing a mating ritual.

Maybe I knew it all along . . .

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