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The moon moved into Aquarius this morning, where it will meet the sun in a couple of days to form an eclipse. I don’t get as pumped-up as some astrologers when it comes to eclipses. Yes, I believe that they’re important, but I see a lot of astrologers ignoring other major planetary events to focus upon eclipses. What’s worse is that they tend to look back at eclipses to explain things that happen after the fact instead of predicting what might happen because of the eclipse. It’s cheating. If you’re going to be an astrologer who practices predictive techniques, then predict already!

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict something. I’m a fashion astrologer who has spent the last couple of days watching the runway presentations at New York Fashion Week. At the moment, I am completely underwhelmed by the lack of creativity I’ve seen on the catwalks. New York doesn’t necessarily lead the way in fashion (I am a firm believer that the best ideas usually spring forth on the London runways), but NYC isn’t usually so devoid of artistry. This past week has been a bust. I haven’t watched a single show that has got my blood pumping.

I did like the Bottega Veneta show for the same reasons I always like the Bottega Veneta shows. I can say the same thing about Tom Ford’s two shows. Sies Marjan’s colorful catwalk was terrific in the same way that a Jonathan Saunders show is terrific: watching a designer totally master their own element is always a treat, although it was hardly revolutionary. But I haven’t seen anything else worth writing about.

What’s going on? Is something in the sky responsible for this creative deficit? Well, with Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn the mood has become rather conservative. I don’t mean that it’s conservative in the sense that designers are showing conservative clothes: they just aren’t taking any chances. Gucci is the big success story right now, and it seems that most designers are trying to emulate Alessandro Michele’s business model rather than to carve their own niche in fashion by being the weirdos I typically worship.

No one is gambling right now. Saturn in stingy Capricorn is partly responsible for that, but Jupiter in Scorpio isn’t inspiring any risk-taking, either. In my book, “Star Struck Style,” I mention that Scorpio natives can be tightwads. I do see the fear of losing money all over the runways at New York Fashion Week. It is inhibiting creativity.

Will any of that change as the show calendar moves to London on Friday, the day after the eclipse? Maybe. Eclipses don’t just cast a shadow on the months following the event, but they cast a shadow on the months preceding the event. This eclipse is in Aquarius. In my book, I cite three particular designers from London in the Aquarius chapter as being fashion’s foremost weirdos: the people who excite me more than almost anyone else in the business. Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane and Jonathan Anderson all show shortly after the eclipse. Many other delightfully weird designers also populate the London Fashion Week show calendar, including exciting upstarts like Matty Bovan and Michael Halpern.

I believe that they’re going to make a difference. I believe that they’re going to make me a believer again after this dreadfully dull week. Showing on the right side of the eclipse might make a difference in the way that I perceive — and critique —their work, but showing clothes that make me excited about fashion is a more likely scenario. I predict that London’s finest have been sensing a cosmic shift and are ready to deliver the goods.

For the sake of fashion, I hope that I’m not wrong.

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