Mountain Dog (source: YouTube)

The Chinese New Year arrives in a few days. This year, the celebratory day is February 16. However, the actual arrival of the new year is when the sun enters the Tiger month, corresponding to 15° Aquarius in Western astrology.

Last year, I wrote this about the event:

I often find myself explaining Chinese astrology to people, including Chinese people who believe that they know more than me because they’re Chinese. That’s like saying I’m an expert on hockey because I’m from Canada. I’m sure that anyone who knows me also knows that isn’t the case.

The actual arrival of the new year will be late in the day on February 3, 2018 in North America. That’s a week from today. I suppose I’m jumping the gun by discussing it now, but I’m quite eager for the arrival of the Dog year.

This website I regularly reference explains things pretty well. However, it does take a lot of work to figure out how all the components of the five elements zodiac work together. I don’t want to pretend that I’m a expert on the subject, but I do have a decent grasp of the system.

Last year, for instance, was a Fire Chicken year. Fire is my lucky element in Chinese astrology, and Chicken has a special relationship with Cows and Snakes, my day, month and year “masters.” So, it should have been a good year for me. Essentially, my personal forecast was summed up like this: “The events in this year are related to position, power, changing, reform, risk, competition, accidence (sic) and law.” I lost my job, but it was a shitty job. I took a risk that I could look for a new job that actually uses the skills I acquired in university — something I didn’t allow myself to do when I graduated so many years ago. I’m still looking, but I’m not looking back. Words cannot describe how liberating that has been.

The Earth Dog year should result in a payoff for me. Last year, I assumed that the “lucky” part of the Fire Chicken year would mean financial success. Instead, it presented me with the opportunity to take some chances. This year should be better for me financially. Both the Earth element and the Dog itself are my “money stars” in Chinese Astrology. The forecast for the upcoming year reads as such:

“Earth comes very strong in the period. It represents money, investment, loan or friends to you. This entire period is related to money. The sign of money luck is very strong. They say when money comes, no one can stop it. Your luck is such during this cycle. You will be busy working on money related activities. As long as you can conquer the pressure of time, you hardly miss any money opportunities.”

That would be nice! What I would really like is a fulfilling job that allows me to do all the other things I like to do in a day. Anyway, I hope that things start to go my way next week. I can’t complain about the year I’ve just had because it helped me to realign my priorities, but I would like to be rescued from the tremendous boredom and isolation I often encounter in my daily life since I quit my job. Either that, or I need a dog with a little barrel of money around it’s neck to show up my door. I suppose that would work, too.

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