Melanie Chisholm (source: The Sun)

January 12 is Melanie Chisholm’s birthday.

Melanie C. was always my favorite Spice Girl. In fact, there was no contest: I didn’t really like any of them, but I did appreciate the talent it took to make me have a second look at the singer. When I saw her chart and realized that she was a Capricorn, I said to myself “Go figure.”

As far as her personal style is concerned, I get her. She’s a Capricorn with a Virgo moon (and a Virgo rising, if her birth time on is correct). I can see the Capricorn compulsion to create a branded image merged with the Virgo inclination toward clean living. As Sporty Spice, she represented those girls out there who would rather spend their time at the gym than at Sephora.

When I look at the recent photo of her that I posted above, I have to say that I like her even more. If I was a woman, I would look like that. I love that denim jumpsuit. My most-recent wardrobe additions include an awesome denim jacket from Seven for All Mankind and a pair of Tom Ford jeans. I don’t only like them because they’re practical, but also because they fit me like a glove. Like Melanie C., I’m sporty and I’m happy to show off the results of a lifetime in the gym.

I also love her makeup. It’s so realistic for a daytime talk show appearance. In my latest book, I discuss what I call the “uncorrupted” Virgo type. She’s the woman who sort of ignores the worst of what the world of fashion has to offer, and it makes her look better than everyone else in the room. She owes her radiant looks to healthy living. Unlike a million other celebrities who have to travel with a “glam squad” in order to look their best, she doesn’t even have to try. The rewards of her lifestyle are evident.

I do have a strong Virgo influence in my chart with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction placed in my eleventh house making favorable aspects to both my sun and my ascendant. That’s probably the reason why I possess a lot of textbook Virgo traits. It makes me a lot like Melanie C. We don’t have a lot of things in common in our charts, but as a whole, our charts produce a persona that is eerily similar.

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