Brooks Brothers (source: Vogue)

A few days ago, I published a post wishing Sarah Mower of a happy birthday. I also mentioned that fashion critics Suzy Menkes and Anders Christian Madsen are Capricorns, too. Then, as is the custom on my blog, I started to talk about myself.

I mentioned that I make a passable fashion critic because I have a good eye for what is current and what is passé. I often feel the need to prove myself when I’m talking about anything (like most egomaniacs, my egomania is a product of my insecurities). So, when I came across this photo from the Brooks Brothers 200th-anniversary show in Florence from two days ago, I had to pat myself on the back.

I already own this shirt. In fact, I wore it out for my birthday on Saturday. I guess that Brooks Brothers liked it so much that they reissued it. When the F/W 2018 collections hit the stores, you can also get one for yourself. Until then, you’ll just have to worship at my altar.

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