Wilson Cruz (source:

December 27 is Wilson Cruz’s birthday.

I’m excited that “Star Trek” is back in the form of “Star Trek: Discovery.” I’ve always been a big “Star Trek” fan, and the new showrunner, Bryan Fuller, was behind “Hannibal,” my favorite TV show of all time.

I just learned that Wilson Cruz, the doctor on board the Discovery, is a Capricorn with a Sagittarius Mercury and an Aquarius Venus, just like me. I don’t know if we have anything else in common, but he does look like he gets a lot of exercise. He also looks great for his age and he has nice, straight teeth. I would guess that he has a Libra rising sign, like me, but I don’t have a time of birth to be sure.

What I am sure about is that he has a very interesting year ahead of him. Uranus is going to oppose its natal position a couple of times, and then shortly afterward, it’s going to conjunct his natal Mars. This happens in June, making a retrograde pass in September and a final pass in March of 2019.

This can be an aspect of recklessness and some astrologers actually associate it with accidents. It can also be an aspect of tremendous drive and energy focused toward a singular goal. Sometimes when Uranus is involved, alternative spiritual practices can be adopted. Yet while all of this is happening, Cruz will also be experiencing a Uranus sextile to his natal Saturn within a 10″ orb to the Mars/Uranus aspect. That can add some stability — and even some profundity — to the mix.

Whatever happens, 2018 and 2019 are going to be important years in Wilson Cruz’s life. I haven’t even mentioned that both Mercury and the north node are caught up in the drama. There is a lot going on here! Pay attention to this guy.

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