Molly Goddard
Molly Goddard (source: WWD)

I wanted to publish a post about Molly Goddard on December 16, but I wasn’t able to confirm her birthday until today. A friend of mine emailed her over the weekend and let me know that the date listed on the notoriously unreliable site,, was correct.

I don’t get Sagittarius vibes from Molly Goddard’s designs. I pulled up her natal chart (I believe that she was born in 1988), and I was not surprised to see that the only planet she has in Sagittarius is her sun. She has a pile-up of planets in Capricorn, but so does everyone born the last time Saturn transited Capricorn. It joined both Uranus and Neptune there in 1988, slipping in and out of the sign before taking up permanent residence until February of 1991.

That leaves Mercury in Capricorn as the only personal planet in the sign. She has Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aries. If she was born before 3:00 pm or so she would have a Pisces moon. After that, she would have an Aries moon.

I also don’t get Aries vibes (or even cardinal sign vibes) from Molly Goddard. There is nothing about the childlike gowns she designs that resonates with that sign. In my new book, however, I do make a correlation between Pisces and the whimsical aesthetic promoted by designers like Molly Goddard. As a Capricorn with a Cancer moon and a Libra rising sign (a triple-cardinal combination), I don’t get it. But to each their own. I don’t criticize people who put genuine effort into the way they express themselves through fashion.

Anyway, I’m going to speculate that Molly Goddard was born during the first fifteen hours of the day. I believe that she has a Pisces moon that is significantly-placed in her natal chart. I’m also going to speculate that she is about to enter a very crucial time of her life, along with many others of her generation. These kids that were born during the planetary pile-up in Capricorn are going to see Saturn transiting their natal Saturn, Uranus and Neptune positions (not necessarily in that order) over the next couple of years. They will either crack under the pressure, or rise up to save the world from itself. It’s an interesting time in their lives, and something I’m sure I’ll discuss a lot over the next few months.

I guess I should wish Molly Goddard good luck. She might need it.

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