Stella Tennant (source: stephanemarais.com)

December 17 is Stella Tennant’s birthday.

In my new book, I end each chapter with a few “images” that are easy to Google to give my readers a better idea of the aesthetic of each zodiac sign. For Sagittarius, I chose this cover from “i-D” magazine because of the quote of the cover star. When Stella Tennant claims that she doesn’t “fit the box,” she exemplifies one of the hallmarks of her sign: breadth. Like the best Sagittarius models, her broad range has defined her career.

To be honest, I was surprised when I first discovered that Tennant is a Sagittarius. I’d love to be able to explain her “look” by interpreting her natal chart, but I don’t have an accurate time of birth for the model. A cursory glance, however, reveals something very interesting.

Tennant has a bucket chart, with retrograde Saturn in Taurus as the bucket handle. Saturn also opposes Venus in Scorpio. That sign is highlighted in her chart, as well, containing both Mars and Jupiter. The planet gains significance in this configuration. Normally, Saturn is interpreted as a somewhat generational aspect in a natal chart. In this case, it would be personalized. Still, the house position would reveal far more about the placement. Venus opposite Saturn typically indicates a frosty, enigmatic personality and someone who has a difficult time expressing emotion. The Taurus emphasis, however, can warm up this normally cold aspect.

I connect Taurus with things are a little more rustic and pastoral. I’m sure that I’ve seen photos of Stella Tennant on a farm, but it’s difficult to sort through the images in my mind that are from fashion editorials and those that are from more candid pics. Her Wikipedia bio mentions that she lives in a small Scottish town with her husband and four kids. That makes perfect sense to me, just like a Sagittarius native claiming that she doesn’t “fit the box.”

It just goes to show how important it is to look at the natal chart as a whole, assigning significance where it is appropriate, even when the birth time is unavailable. A good astrologer is going to glean a lot from the big picture, even from someone as enigmatic as Stella Tennant. And I am a good astrologer — I’ll be the first person to tell you that!

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