Jupiter (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jupiter moves into my second house on Monday. What’s interesting is that when it goes retrograde in March, it moves back to almost the exact same spot in mid-July — almost! The planet stations at 13° 20″ Scorpio, only 9″ away from my second house cusp.

That means that I am going to have Jupiter in my second house for more than thirteen months consecutively. The planet’s next retrograde cycle will even result in a brief return to my second house in the summer of 2019, bringing the grand total to fifteen months. That’s a lot of time in one house!

Jupiter is supposed to bring abundance to the area of the chart it inhabits. While it has been transiting my first house, I have grown abundantly fatter. Actually, it’s not that bad. I have been working out a lot and I have gained a ton of muscle. I look a lot like the guy in the photo.

With its ingress into my second house, my finances should improve. Maybe I’ll finally get a job or sell a few copies of my book. Honestly, I’ve been laying low lately, waiting for Saturn to get out of Sagittarius before I make a move. The ten-day countdown begins today. Between that and the movement of both the sun and Venus into my sign, I’ve got a lot to look forward to as 2017 draws to a close. It’s an auspicious time in my life.

What’s more, Jupiter makes plenty of beneficial aspects to my natal planets in 2018. I spent a substantial part of this past year with Saturn opposite my natal Jupiter. It was oppressive, yes, but I did use the time to lay the groundwork for future endeavors. In theory, that should begin to pay off soon. It’s a big cosmic shift.

On top of all that, it’s an 11 year in numerology, and an Earth Dog year in Chinese astrology. Those are also indicators of luck for me. I can’t imagine not having a terrific year. If I was you, I’d invest in me. How can I possibly go wrong with everything in the universe lining up in my favor?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Or maybe not. Only time will tell . . .

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